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Squirting Escorts in London
Squirting Escorts in London

What is squirting?

SQUIRTING is a kind of female ejaculation or also called orgasm ejaculation and known as GUSHING. Do not mistake it with peeing! It is very clear and smells differently than urine.

Very often the exit is very strong and can reach far.

Physically, probably most of the women would be able to squirt. However, only a few have been experienced it. It takes a lot of right stimulation and blood flow in the whole body. Stimulating the female G-Spot is usually the most important part but the female partner has to be able to "LET GO" and very often it takes a lot of trust for that.

Squirting can be very exhausting for your female partner and often their body is shaking.

SQUIRTING is more common than you would think. Recent statistics show that 35-50% of women admit that they have experienced squirting during orgasm. Many women are ashamed of it as they believe they urinated during sex. However, a lot of clients/men are sexually turned on by SQUIRTING ESCORTS or in general by gushing women. However, be aware that it is not 100% sure that an escort girl can squirt each single time and a lot depends on the customer as well.

Written reports about squirting date back to the 16th century and is therefore nothing new but with the internet and x-rated movies the "Squirting" gift has become better known to the public.

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More information about squirting including how to stimulate correctly on the great Adult Blog by The Intimacy of Squirting Dick by Dick-n-Jane.